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    Would something like this do?


    $blName1='Baseline 1'

    $blName2='Baseline 2'





    Compare-Object-ReferenceObject$bl1.CurrentPatches -DifferenceObject$bl2.CurrentPatches -PropertyIdByVendor-IncludeEqual

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    If I read this correctly, you are wanting to keep the etc/ssh/ssh_host* keys.


    If that is the case run after making changes to these keys to save the changes to the state file.  Tried this on a 6.5 host and rebooted, the key did not change.

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    Thanks for the detailed answer. If I have to purchase a separate vCenter to use VReplication, wouldn't I be better off just buying the SRM license? It's fairly similar in price I believe.

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    Only seeing references to this in vRealize Orchestrator 7.0 Documentation Center


    Not seeing a SDK command for it at this time.

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    You can do something like this.

    Since you didn't mention how the Destination for the svMotion shall be determined, that logic is currently missing (see variable $tgtDS on the Move-VM cmdlet).




        Group-Object-Property {Get-VMHost-VM$_|select-ExpandPropertyName}


    for($i=0;$i-lt$maxVM; $i++){


            if($i-le ($esx.Count-1)){





        # Wait till al vMotion are completed

        $t=Get-Task-StatusRunning|where{$_.Name -eq'RelocateVM_Task'}



            $t=Get-Task-StatusRunning|where{$_.Name -eq'RelocateVM_Task'}




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    Looks like the problem is back. My mouse is frozen. I can only hover it but not select anything. Rebooting the machine gets it back to working state but, it would not last long. Appreciate any help.



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    Hi Folks,


    We need to apply a Windows patch to a file server that our Mirage server uses as its storage Volume.


    Is stopping the Mirage services all we need to do before rebooting it?

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    This definitely looks like a bug, I suggest to open a SR for this.

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  • 06/23/17--12:41: Re: Why DRS disables POOLS
  • Hello,



    This is due to DRS being a requirement to have resource pools in the first place.


    You can of course snapshot and revert them to avoid their loss, disabling DRS in Web Client will prompt you to do this when attempting to disable:





    -o- If you found this comment useful please click the 'Helpful' button and/or select as 'Answer' if you consider it so, please ask follow-up questions if you have any -o-

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    That seems to indicate that your copy of the script had an issue.
    You can remove the Write-Host lines from the 2nd part of the script, and export the $newReport array to a CSV file.

    Then it should be working.

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    Yeah I already have one open, but it's been slow to get traction.  I'll escalate it to see if it gets moving.

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    Thanks, Ilian Ilievfor the detailed explanation and possible options!


    I am curious about the options one can think of in case of using the "share a unique session" mode option i.e. the service account for the vCenter Server while adding in vRO. Any suggestions when vRO workflows run as part of the vRO Scheduler?

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    SRM requires a vCenter at both sites as well. Really, from a DR perspective, if you use vCenter at one site now, you will want a vCenter at your recovery site as well. It usually doesn't make sense to make vCenter a part of the failover so a second vCenter will often make sense.


    At the end of the day though it really comes down to your requirements and constraints.

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  • 06/23/17--12:52: Re: Why DRS disables POOLS
  • You can retain the resource pool from webclient  when disabling DRS


    Retaining resource pools when disabling VMware DRS clusters in the vSphere Web Client (2032893) | VMware KB


    If you found this or any other answer helpful, please consider the use of the Helpful to award points.


    Best Regards,

    Deepak Koshal


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    I tracked down the reason it is not working for me. The NFS datastores I am mounting from our net app appliance do not have a value for .ExtensionData.Info.vmfs.uuid. Can anyone shed light on why this is so?

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    VMware called me today.


    Appantly I am running version 6.0 U3 and you cannot upgrade to 6.5 from that version.  The patch to do so is not supposed to be out until late July.  I am going to uninstall everything and try restoring a DB from my 5.5 version and then upgrade from there.   Fingers crossed.


    Thanks for the replies.



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    Thank you!


    I was using the when I thought I could update Roles.  But, as you told me, their no  Roles when you have a Standalone ESXi Host.  Roles are used when you have vCenter and the ESXi host is controlled by vCenter.



    Using the --server=x.x.x.x --username=username -l filename command backup the ESXi host to the Windows 10 PC!


    I really appreciate all your help!





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    So it's not possible to use the vSphere client on the recovery site to avoid another vCenter license? These VMs are very low maintenance; once they're running we won't need access.

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  • 06/23/17--12:59: Re: VCSA 6.5 Web GUI Error
  • Hi All,


    today we had the same issue as described above.


    To remember:

    Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server systems:



    On VCSA Shell:

    service-control --status vmware-vpxd shows "stopped"

    service-control --start vmware-vpxd starts the service starts for a couple of seconds and stops again


    We contacted VMware Support and they analyzed the core dump logs (/var/core) and could figure out a problem with a single VM in our environment.

    There was a problem with a network adapter on that VM (DB entry NULL)


    Solution that worked for us:


    Find VM

    /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -d VCDB -U postgres (Login to postgres)

    select, v.local_file_name, h.IP_ADDRESS FROM VPX_VM v, VPX_NIC n, VPX_HOST h WHERE and and n.network_name=''; (get affected VM)

    select * from vpx_entity where id = '<YOURID>'; (get affected VM Name)


    Fix VM / vpxd (for our specific issue with database issue)

    Remove Network Adapter, save config, readd Network Adapter

    service-control --start vmware-vpxd

    You should now be able to login to your vCenter.


    So the NULL Value in the database seem to be a really rare issue. In case of "Could not connect to.....:" just Find VM unregister it from vCenter and Reregister.


    Hope this helps somebody!




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    Are you using the administrator@vsphere.local account? If so, the password for that account is set to expire after 90 days, by default.


    If that's the case, perhaps this article can help you reset the SSO password for that account:

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